Saturday, July 4, 2009

Don't Forget Your Axe!

The 4th of July camping trip, our baby's first real outing was a success! We drove to Warm Lake Campgrounds just outside of Cascade, Idaho for a little holiday camping trip. I'm not sure what we were thinking not making reservations on the 4th of July weekend, but somehow we lucked out and found a camp site. We had also planned on visiting an unmarked hot springs off the side of the highway. I'd been there a year or so before, but honestly I didn't really have a clue as to where it was. After stopping at several turn offs we ended up finding it (the van and car load of foreigners was a tip off!). Apparently it wasn't as secret of a place as I'd imagined.
Realizing this was not only the first time we'd taken the baby camping, but it was the first time Jon and I had ever camped with out friends too. I thought we were pretty well prepared but realized that we had forgotten a few things, i.e. wood. So after arriving at our campsite I went down to the camp host to buy some of his wood (he had a lot, and besides where else was I going to get it!?). He was a generous guy and said I could cut up some of his logs and take them to our site...I just needed to bring down my axe.


I told the nice camp host that we didn't have an axe either (hince why I wanted to buy his pre-cut wood). Nice camp host then proceeded to clarify what I had just said (rather loudly) "you came camping and you didn't bring an axe?" before I could respond he said it again, louder this time "LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT, YOU CAME CAMPING WITHOUT AN AXE?".

I believe I just smiled.

He told me to send my husband down and he would let him borrow his axe... Well needless to say we tried to avoid nice camp host after that. I'm assuming everyone in the campground heard my little encounter because a few guys in a big truck found us and got us some wood and even cut it up for us. LESSON LEARNED, always carry an axe!

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