Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Festival of Trees and SANTA!!

It's Luella's first Christmas and her first visit to santa. We went to the Festival of Trees on the Grove. We looked at all the trees while we waited to Luella to wake up from her nap then we got in the santa line. Luella has become very interested in the person holding her recently. She will turn toward your face and lean back to get a good look; and a lot of times she will just stare at you for a few seconds. Well santa got the stare down! And in the end she was on the verge of tears, thankfully daddy rushed over and saved her (after we got a couple cute santa pics). Unfortunately santa's elf team doesn't give digital photos and I was far more concerned about getting her to smile than taking my own pics, so well have to scan in the professional pictures once we get them.Daddy needs lessons on smiling nice for the camera!!

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