Sunday, December 27, 2009

Go Broncos!

Luella got a cheerleader uniform for Christmas, so we put her in it the following Sunday to cheer for the Denver Broncos with daddy! The game ran late so I went to put Luella in her jammies but daddy convinced me not to change her (for luck's sake). Because of that I'm thinking of looking for Denver Bronco jammies too! Unfortunately her outfit wasn't as lucky as daddy had hoped that evening. But she sure did look cute!

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Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

I just saw the comment you left on my myspace from November, I never check that thing but I went in there today because I'm going to delete it. Anyways your little girl is sooo adorable! What a cutie! Her poor hand, I hope that it feels better! Her and my daughter almost have the same name! :) How are you guys??