Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prayers for Tiny Fingers

Our baby girl had an accident last night, she touch an oil heater. She's still to young to understand cause and effect, so once she touched it she just stayed there crying. Thankfully we were close by and pulled her away within seconds. Our baby girl has never cried so hard for so long before. After cold water, burn cream and Aloe were applied she is left with 2nd degree burns (blisters) from the tip of her thumb down to her wrist and on her ring and pinky fingers. We took her to the ER today and they said she will be just fine, with some doctoring and time.

I think the worst part about this situation was that it was preventable. Jon's comment last night after we got Luella calmed down and sleeping, was 'welcome to parenting' and I responded with tears. I didn't think it was possible to hurt so badly watching someone else in pain.

As bad as it was, were thankful it wasn't worse. Our little girl is a trooper. The morning after it happened, with blisters nearly doubling the size of her fingers, she was chatting, smiling and giggling as she laid in our bed that morning. We thank our Lord for sparing her any more pain from this accident.

Here she is getting loves from Grandpa

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