Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pink Spoon

Okay, here's the story behind the infamous 'pink spoon'. We came home from my parents house Christmas day with a box filled with all our (mainly Luella's) presents. At the bottom of the box is an old pink spoon (albeit a little dirty too). We assumed the spoon slipped into our Christmas box by accident so we left it in the living room to return to my mom at a later date.

Luella spotted the pink spoon....

So I gave it to her. The spoon was a little dirty and shortly after handing it to Luella Jon asked me to take it away. So I did. Luella then proceeded to crawl up me in an attempt to get her pink spoon back. Had I know what I do know, I'm not sure I would have given her the spoon (after washing it off of course). That silly pink spoon became her favorite toy. She neglects the cool 'Animal Farm' with lights and music, her drum set, her dollies, her teething rings...when the pink spoon comes into the room she smiles, sometimes even laughs. All I can say is 'really?'.

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